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I haven't posted in forever, to which I regret since I'm supposed to be chronicling River's young years, but we went to the Arboretum with Nikki and Kelly today and it was wonderful.  I'm so glad River has so many little friends, who she really loves.  I'm so thankful for the mom's group I joined so she was able to meet them (and so I was lucky enough to meet some really wonderful friends).  I really feel so blessed.  I wish it were closer however,  I love her being able to play outside in nature.
Creature from the Black Lagoon!

stories and pumpkins

We've been telling River a story every night after reading  her a few books.  Yesterday I told her a story about sparkle cat (one of her stuffed animals) who then would become Super Sparkle Cat once she put on her cape, and she'd fly around helping animals.  After helping a kitten out of a tree, she heard a squirrel calling for help to bring an apple to his nest, to which she responds, "Mommy- squirrels can't talk!"  Yup.

Today we went to Bengston's Pumpkin Farm for over 8 hours.  I really can't believe we were there for so long.  It was nice though, the mom's group I'm in went with us in the morning, so River could play with her friends, and then we just stayed the rest of the day so she could do everything she wanted as many times as she felt like.  It was a nice day.  Exhausting, but nice.
Creature from the Black Lagoon!

sleeping insanity

So River's been having an awful time staying in bed at night.  We've been threatening her (since we're great parents) after she gets up usually multiple times to "go to the bathroom" or whatever random reason that if she gets up again we'll have to take ________ (usually one of her many stuffed animals).

Last night I said, finally, "Ok, if you get out of your room again, I'm going to have to take you white cat".  Well, when the ensuing getting up happened and I went to take the cat, she had a complete freak out.  Andy is very much about that we have to follow through, but since she was so hysterical he was trying to come up with alternatives, so we would say, "Ok, how about we'll take pirate bunny instead", etc., etc...  with her howling and crying hysterically (and I mean hysterically) each time that no, she needed "everything".  Finally, Andy's like, "Ok, how about we take this peice of chalk (that he had picked up off the easel in her room) to which she howls, "NOOOOOO!!  I neeed that chalk!!!!"  Hahaha.  I'm glad it was dark enough that she couldn't see me laughing lol.
Creature from the Black Lagoon!


We have these insane squirrels living in our trees, one of which has been building all these nests right next to eachother, so tonight River is watching him and decides to build one for him on the grass out of sticks and leaves.  When she was finished she starts yelling up at the tree, "Squirrel!  Your nest is finished!!"
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So when River was taking a bath tonight she got up and sat on the edge with her feet in the water and put her head down and started mumbling sadly, and then got in the water and yelled, "Yay!  I'm a mermaid!".  When the exact same thing happened a minute later, I asked what she was mumbling, and she said it again, louder while shaking her head sadly, "I know I can be a mermaid..." then proceeded to get in the water quickly and again yell, "Yay!  I'm a mermaid!".
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(no subject)

Later on the 4th we went to IHOP for an egg dinner since we didn't go to Andy's parents since River had a bit of a fever.  While there, Andy saw a couple veterans and he was saying to River how there were some men there who kept our country safe and how great that was, so River says, "'Is it God?"  lol.

Also, she hates being called a child, it's hilarious.  She's being saying, "I'm not a child!  I'm a cat!" 
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4th of July Parade

We went to the Palos Heights Parade today and there were some awful children there who took practically everything that was thrown out to the kids before River could get to it. There was even an older girl who literally snatched a stuffed animal away that had landed in front of River's feet.   I asked in irritation how old she was and she said 11, so I decided it was young enough to prevent me from being too bitchy, still, it was kind of ridiculous.  There was even a small girl, maybe 2 or 3 who was clutching a giant lamb she had picked up while she goes to grab a second (with her mom right next to her).  I guess I'm kind of surprised by the parents...

River said she had fun though, and when I encouraged her to go out and get more candy she said, "It's ok, we already have some".  I was really proud of her.
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River craziness

I need to start recording River's insanity because there are so many funny things and I'm afraid I'll forget them!

Yesterday (and today) she's worn her princess dress all day.  She was saying she was Princess Dr. River lol.  Today she had me take a picture in the garden of her and her (imaginary) pink bunny.  So funny!
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night weaning, day 3 and 4

Day 3

It went ok.  River woke up at 4:40 crying.  It took her 15 minutes to go back to sleep- she wasn’t very happy, and then slept for 10 minutes before waking up again and crying.  After getting her back to sleep she didn’t wake up for the day until 7:30, which wasn’t bad.

Day 4

I’m hoping last night wasn’t a fluke, because it was amazing.  She went to sleep a little later than she usually does 9:40 maybe, but didn’t wake up for the first time until 6:45!  The sun was up so I nursed her, then she went back to sleep.  I was so worried she’d be up for the day, since that’s how it’s been when she sees that the sun is up and “milk’s awake”.  It’s 8:37 now and she’s still sleeping!  I really hope this is the new way of things and last night wasn’t an isolated incident.  I could get used to this lol!

Creature from the Black Lagoon!

night weaning, day 2

So last night was day 2 of night weaning.  It went pretty well!  Again, I prepped River for what to expect with another rundown of “after bedtime milk goes to sleep until the sun comes up”.  She woke up at 4:00 for the first time.  She cried but seemed to understand that there was no milk (I think she may have halfheartedly signed milk once).  It took 20 minutes for her to go back to sleep, but it could have been worse.  She got up again at 5:15 (I think by this time she’s getting a little hungry, since she’s used to nursing all night), but I gently said milk was asleep (she didn’t ask, but I wanted her to understand).  She messed around a bit but was back asleep in under 10 minutes.  She got up for the last time at 7, and I said how the sun was up so milk was awake.  I was hoping she’d go back to sleep but no such luck.  I’m thinking maybe she’s beginning to associate milk being awake with her being awake?  I hope not, especially as summer wears on and the sun comes up earlier.

Overall it’s going surprisingly well!  We’ll see how tonight goes.