arylkin (arylkin) wrote,

night weaning, day 3 and 4

Day 3

It went ok.  River woke up at 4:40 crying.  It took her 15 minutes to go back to sleep- she wasn’t very happy, and then slept for 10 minutes before waking up again and crying.  After getting her back to sleep she didn’t wake up for the day until 7:30, which wasn’t bad.

Day 4

I’m hoping last night wasn’t a fluke, because it was amazing.  She went to sleep a little later than she usually does 9:40 maybe, but didn’t wake up for the first time until 6:45!  The sun was up so I nursed her, then she went back to sleep.  I was so worried she’d be up for the day, since that’s how it’s been when she sees that the sun is up and “milk’s awake”.  It’s 8:37 now and she’s still sleeping!  I really hope this is the new way of things and last night wasn’t an isolated incident.  I could get used to this lol!

Tags: breastfeeding, night weaning

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