arylkin (arylkin) wrote,

4th of July Parade

We went to the Palos Heights Parade today and there were some awful children there who took practically everything that was thrown out to the kids before River could get to it. There was even an older girl who literally snatched a stuffed animal away that had landed in front of River's feet.   I asked in irritation how old she was and she said 11, so I decided it was young enough to prevent me from being too bitchy, still, it was kind of ridiculous.  There was even a small girl, maybe 2 or 3 who was clutching a giant lamb she had picked up while she goes to grab a second (with her mom right next to her).  I guess I'm kind of surprised by the parents...

River said she had fun though, and when I encouraged her to go out and get more candy she said, "It's ok, we already have some".  I was really proud of her.

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