arylkin (arylkin) wrote,

sleeping insanity

So River's been having an awful time staying in bed at night.  We've been threatening her (since we're great parents) after she gets up usually multiple times to "go to the bathroom" or whatever random reason that if she gets up again we'll have to take ________ (usually one of her many stuffed animals).

Last night I said, finally, "Ok, if you get out of your room again, I'm going to have to take you white cat".  Well, when the ensuing getting up happened and I went to take the cat, she had a complete freak out.  Andy is very much about that we have to follow through, but since she was so hysterical he was trying to come up with alternatives, so we would say, "Ok, how about we'll take pirate bunny instead", etc., etc...  with her howling and crying hysterically (and I mean hysterically) each time that no, she needed "everything".  Finally, Andy's like, "Ok, how about we take this peice of chalk (that he had picked up off the easel in her room) to which she howls, "NOOOOOO!!  I neeed that chalk!!!!"  Hahaha.  I'm glad it was dark enough that she couldn't see me laughing lol.

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