arylkin (arylkin) wrote,

stories and pumpkins

We've been telling River a story every night after reading  her a few books.  Yesterday I told her a story about sparkle cat (one of her stuffed animals) who then would become Super Sparkle Cat once she put on her cape, and she'd fly around helping animals.  After helping a kitten out of a tree, she heard a squirrel calling for help to bring an apple to his nest, to which she responds, "Mommy- squirrels can't talk!"  Yup.

Today we went to Bengston's Pumpkin Farm for over 8 hours.  I really can't believe we were there for so long.  It was nice though, the mom's group I'm in went with us in the morning, so River could play with her friends, and then we just stayed the rest of the day so she could do everything she wanted as many times as she felt like.  It was a nice day.  Exhausting, but nice.

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