March 23rd, 2012

Creature from the Black Lagoon!

night weaning, day 2

So last night was day 2 of night weaning.  It went pretty well!  Again, I prepped River for what to expect with another rundown of “after bedtime milk goes to sleep until the sun comes up”.  She woke up at 4:00 for the first time.  She cried but seemed to understand that there was no milk (I think she may have halfheartedly signed milk once).  It took 20 minutes for her to go back to sleep, but it could have been worse.  She got up again at 5:15 (I think by this time she’s getting a little hungry, since she’s used to nursing all night), but I gently said milk was asleep (she didn’t ask, but I wanted her to understand).  She messed around a bit but was back asleep in under 10 minutes.  She got up for the last time at 7, and I said how the sun was up so milk was awake.  I was hoping she’d go back to sleep but no such luck.  I’m thinking maybe she’s beginning to associate milk being awake with her being awake?  I hope not, especially as summer wears on and the sun comes up earlier.

Overall it’s going surprisingly well!  We’ll see how tonight goes.