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night weaning, day 1

River is 21.5 months, and has never been a good sleeper.  She’s always woken up in the night, but for a while now has been waking up every 2-3 hours to nurse, which is making me crazy.

I decided to do Dr. Jay Gordon’s night weaning technique, starting with step 2, since nursing to sleep wasn’t the problem, but rather just needing to nurse when she woke up in the night.

We started by yesterday evening talking about how she could have milk at bedtime, but after bedtime the milk was going to sleep until the sun came out.  She seemed to understand, and we talked about it several more times before bed.

The first time she woke in the night was around 1:00.  She cried for about 5 minutes when she couldn't have milk while I sang and patted her back.  I told her that milk was asleep and she could have some when the sun came out.  She eventually seemed resigned to it and laid down to sleep.  The second time around 4:00 she cried for a little bit but then laid down after a while.  She was up a lot between 4 and 6, crying a bit where I’d go in, or just laying in bed awake.  At 5:45 she woke up again and I could see her sitting up in bed and signing “milk!” on the video monitor.  I went in and again said how milk was asleep until the sun came out.  I tried to give her some water but she wasn’t interested.  Eventually she laid down and went to sleep.

She woke up again for the final time at 7:45, and I went in and said, "Look!  The sun is up!  milk is awake!", she nursed and was happy to go about her day.  I was exhausted, but glad that it seemed the first night of night weaning went quite a bit better than I had anticipated.

Hopefully tonight will go well!

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18 month breastfeeding ribbon!

River turned 18 months today, which marks 18 months of breastfeeding for us.  We had an easy time of it once we got past the first 6 weeks/3months.  I had flat nipples and I was worried when I was pregnant if I would even be able to breastfeed, but it turned out to be a non issue thankfully.  I'm so grateful for this community, especially since I didn't really have any support IRL for breastfeeding. 

Our initial goal was to get to two years, and now we're almost there.  Breastfeeding is such an awesome thing- especially now when my girl is on the go all day, it's a great time for her to chill and reconnect.  I know it doesn't ensure that babies won't get colds/etc., but River has only had one small illness in all of her 18 months, which I absolutely attribute to breastfeeding antibodies.

I haven't night weaned, and at this point I don't know if I will (though time will tell).  She still breastfeeds throughout the day every few hours, but it's quick, and honestly I like those little breaks to be able to sit down for a minute and read my Kindle (by the way, a Kindle is awesome while breastfeeding, since it can be easily operated one handed- it's when I get most of my reading done lol).

It's funny how when I first posted my three month ribbon and I would see people posting ribbons for 18 months and beyond, and it seemed so amazingly far away and nearly unattainable, but here we are, and the time has really flown by.

Now for some pics!  All safe for work:
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15 (and almost a half) month update!

1. Baby Name and Age: River 15 months (and a half almost)

Weight/length/clothing: We have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, but
right now I’m not sure on her numbers.  She’s wearing 12 month pants
mostly because she has a little waist (although she kind of looks like
she’s wearing flood pants since she’s tall lol).  18 month shirts and 24
month footie pajamas.  She also just got new shoes and is now wearing a
5 in shoes.

3. Food: She does well with eating for the most
part.  We’re working on getting her to use a spoon- she can’t pick up
food with it but she’ll get it to her mouth.  It’s cute because she’ll
put a couple beans (or whatever) on her spoon with her fingers then use
the spoon to eat it.  She was off broccoli and a lot of veggies for a
while, but now likes eating them with a little dip (hummus or guacamole
or salad dressing) on them.

4. Sleep habits: Ugh, awful.  The
past couple months have been really bad for sleep.  It’s gotten better
the past week but still isn’t great.  She wakes up every 2-3 hours and
sometimes has a hard time getting back to sleep.  I think she’s having
nightmares maybe, because I’ve watched her and she’ll get back to sleep
and will be asleep, but then will start crying (while still asleep) and
wake herself up. 

5. Likes and dislikes: “Running” everywhere,
going down slides by herself (it’s really cute- she pushes herself off
to go down, maybe other babies do this too, I don’t know, but it’s
adorable), “drawing” on her magnadoodle (a great investment by the way),
flipping the pages of books, ducks- she’s crazy for ducks, airplaines.
Milestones: She’s great with gross motor skills- walking backwards and
forwards, she even walks around on her tip toes because she’s crazy. 
Fine motor skills are good.  She has really good receptive language
skills- she knows lots of words and animals and will bring them to me
when I ask (we have wooden animal magnets that she plays with all the
time), though her expressive language skills are not great.  She only
really says mama, dada (gaga) and duck (guck).  She tries to say
“Roomba” as well.  She uses sign language, but I can’t get her to talk. 
I’m not very worried about it, but we’ll see what her pediatrician says
on Tuesday.

7. What's driving you crazy, if anything: Just the
whole sleep thing.  Some days there’s a lot of pointing and whining, but
it doesn’t really bother me- it kind of makes my husband crazy though.

What's making you smile: She’s just so hilarious.  Sometimes she’ll
have imaginary food that she’ll give us to eat, and she’ll come up and
hug and kiss us (which are newer, awesome developments).

9. How are you doing in general:  Good.  Tired, but good lol.

10. Are your health concerns going well: I think so.   

Anything else not covered in the above: I recently joined a mom’s group
off  I haven’t done much with them yet, but I have several
dates coming up in the next few weeks.  I’m hoping it’ll help me to get
other moms since I kind of feel like we’ve been hermits since River was
born.  We’ll see how it goes since River is still too small to do a lot
and I have to be with her all the time at a playground or whatever. 
It’ll be nice next summer when she can do more without help and will be
big enough to do more.

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Baby sign language!

crossposted from a comment I made inattachedparents 

I'm so happy that we did sign language with River.

We started primarily doing the sign “milk” when she was 6 months or so. It took a while to get in the habit of doing it every time. River started signing milk when she was 10 months I think. It was fantastic!

We taught “eat” when she was getting into eating more around 8 months. We started “diaper” around then too. She didn’t sign back until almost a year maybe (other than milk). At a year (or maybe earlier) we added more signs once she was getting the others. She picked up on “more” really quickly.

Now she’s 14 months and has been signing several signs for a while. She knows: milk, more, eat, diaper, finished, ball, shoes, dog, cat, and she has her own “signs” for mama, elephant, and bunny.

The newest ones she’s learned are dog and cat, which she signs all the time- if she hears a dog outside, or we take a walk and she sees one, or if she sees a dog or cat in a book or on tv, it’s really adorable.

Here’s a video I took the other day of River signing dog and cat.

It’s wonderful being able to communicate with her. I’m so happy we did sign language with her.
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(no subject)

Yesterday we went to Gymboree open gym for the first time. River had a nice time but pretty much just carried around a ball the entire time (but she liked playing with the ball, so that's what matters I guess lol).

There was one terrible thing there- there was a little girl around 5 maybe, and she seemed to attach herself to me. She'd do different jumps on to the mat and kept saying, "Watch me do this one!" or whatever. It was so sad because her mom just stood in the corner not engaging her, and it seemed she was so desperate for someone to be interested in her and tell her good job. It was really sad.

Today when we were there, River needed a diaper as soon as we got there- even though I changed it right before we left. There was a fold out changing table in the bathroom we used, although we'd never used one like it before- River was terrified of it and totally freaked out. It was really strange. As soon as I picked her up though when I was finished she was fine. Poor crazy baby!
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First Gymboree

River went to her first Gymboree class tonight and really seemed to have a good time! She didn't seem to care about the actual class as much as being there and running around playing with the toys/activities they have there, but still it was good.

She also seemed to make a friend, a girl named Harley (which is funny since Andy is on a war against motorcycles that tear up and down our street). Overall I think it will be a good thing for her, and good for her to be around other babies.
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First steps!

River took her first steps tonight!  She can only go a few on her own without falling, but I'm still so excited!!

She also has started signing "eat".  It's really been an amazing week of development!  :)
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a new sign!

River has started to do a new sign- "more"!  It's absolutely adorable.  It's the first new sign she's done consistently since she learned "milk" at 9 or 10 months.

We've been doing parent and tot swimming lessons which she loves.  We just ordered a water table so she can splash around on our balcony- I wish we had a yard so badly...
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almost 13 month update

1. Baby Name and Age: River Alise- she’ll be 13 months on the 6th- what?!

2. Weight/length/clothing size: 21 lbs and 29-30 inches.  She’s been wearing 18 month stuff for a long time now, but now many brands are too big around the waist for her in 18 mo.

3. Food: Still breastfeeding throughout the day.  She’s been on this thing where she hardly wants to eat anything but fruit.  I try to give her her regular meals and save the fruit for afterwards, but sometimes she’ll eat four beans or one piece of pasta and not want to eat anymore until I bring out the fruit, then she’ll eat fruit until I think she’ll explode.  Any fruit, every fruit- raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, bananas, you name it lol.  She has also gotten really bad with flinging her non fruit food off the side of her highchair once she doesn’t want it anymore…

4. Sleep habits: We start getting ready for bed at 8:30ish, and she’s usually asleep by 9ish or sooner.  She wakes up around 7:30, though she’s been sleeping a tiny bit later lately.  Two naps (most days) one at 10:45ish and the other at 3:30 or 4ish.  If she takes a really long first nap she’ll sometimes skip the second.

5. Likes and dislikes: Likes – us to chase her around and “catch/attack” her by blowing raspberries on her stomach, tickling, om nom nomming her neck, etc.  Playing  peek a boo, climbing all over the couches, “dancing” when she hears music, babbling to herself, waving, clapping, putting a scarf/blanket over her head and yelling while crawling around the house (our girl is crazy lol).  We went swimming and she really loved it.  We also have a few Baby Einstein puppets that she’s crazy for.  She also loves flipping through the big Priddy books like First 100 Words, etc.

Dislikes- loud noises like the vacuum or the motorcycles that rocket down our residential street several times a day (ugh).

6. Milestones: She’s been cruising for a few months but no walking by herself yet.  She’s started stacking blocks.  Yesterday she pointed at our noses when asked (though she’ll only do it sometimes).  Not a lot of speaking actual words yet.

7. What's driving you crazy, if anything:  Not much.  I wish I could get her to stop flinging food from her highchair I guess.

8. What's making you smile:  Everything!  She’s so crazy all the time, all the little funny things she does.  She’s always giving us stuff or trying to put stuff in our mouths.  She has so much personality; I was never around babies much so I guess I wasn’t expecting that.

9. How are you doing in general: Pretty good!

10. Are your health concerns going well: I’ve actually lost a bunch of weight which I attribute to breastfeeding since I am not one to exercise.  I’m kind of dreading it coming back when we stop lol.

11. Anything else not covered in the above: I mean, there are a million things, but that’s all for now.  :D

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first word!

River said her first actual word yesterday, "duck"!  She's been saying "guk" and "duh" but yesterday finally said it right.  She says mamamama and dadadadadadada, but doesn't mean anything by it (I think since we don't refer to ourselves as mama or dada enough maybe).

Her first birthday party was this past Sunday at my inlaws house.  It went really well I thought.  She really seemed to like her cupcake.  :)